Emberhurst School was established in 1935.

After renovation in 1993, Nursery facitilties were opened thus providing full Pre-Preparatory education for boys and girls from 2½+ to 7+. Situated in a residential area, it is close to Esher, Molesey, Thames Ditton, Claygate, Hinchley Wood and Kingston upon Thames.

The Principal, Mrs Pam Chadwick purchased the school in 1993.


Our approach is designed to help pupils:

  • enjoy a happy and secure learning environment where they are valued
  • develop lively, enquiring minds where they question rather than merely accept
  • acquire knowledge and understanding which will equip them for future challenges
  • obtain skills that they can transfer to other subjects or situations

In addition to the core subjects of English and Mathematics, the Emberhurst syllabus includes French, Science, Music, RS, ICT, Art, Needlework and PE; it also includes swimming. As well as providing a broad curriculum, the school offers a range of after-school activities including, Chess, Ballet and Football. There are many performance opportunities throughout the year, as well as visits from professionals to develop awareness and inspiration.

Curriculum – lower school

The acquisition of skill and knowledge is planned carefully to excite and stimulate young minds. Each day exciting challenges and new areas of learning are presented to our eager pupils.

We believe that literacy and numeracy are essential areas of learning that require daily attention.

While the National Curriculum is a useful starting point our vibrant curriculum is developed through EYFS by our Early Years Team. The six areas of learning are interconnected so that we at Emberhurst develop motivated and happy learners who will progress smoothly into Key Stage 0ne.

Curriculum – upper school

In Key Stage One our teachers are trained to provide stimulating experiences in their lessons. Pupils need a variety of learning opportunities if they are to achieve their full learning potential. These include:

  • investigation
  • asking and questions
  • experimentation
  • practical exploration and role play
  • listening
  • imagining
  • talking and discussions
  • problem solving
  • making choices and decisions


Classes are small to enable children to perform at the speed that suits them best and a very individual approach can be offered to every child.


Every pupil and parent receives a report twice yearly which details achievement and effort. Parent evenings are held annually. However we operate an open door policy and encourage parents to discuss any thoughts or issues they might have as soon as they arise.

For detailed teaching information, please see our individual class pages. For further information about any aspect of the Emberhurst School curriculum, please contact: Mrs Pam Chadwick, Headmistress.

Pastoral Care

High quality of Pastoral Care is central to our ethos at Emberhurst; it underpins everything that we do and along with a high quality of teaching and learning, it is what our school is all about.

Many parents feel that the school is a home from home environment which introduces their child gently to the rigours of formal schooling. Children go onto their next schools well prepared, happy and confident.

Children need positive adult role models who are consistent and set clear boundaries. This helps pupils develop a sense of right and wrong and to consider how their actions have consequences for others. Our pupils learn to respect one another, property and the enviroment they share.

They understand the need to be kind and gentle, to listen carefully, work hard and be honest.


Whilst Emberhurst has a Christian ethos we welcome children of all faiths into the school and introduce the pupils to other faiths in Religious Studies lessons. We seek to present many faiths in a lively and interesting way in our assemblies and at our church servives.

We hold an Easter, Harvest Festival and Christmas service at All Saints Church. The children are involved in the services which include readings, poems and music.

The House System

A House System operates throughout school with the children belonging to either Wolesey, Seymour or Tudor. Children can gain merit marks for all areas of the curriculum as well as for good behaviour and helpfulness. House Captains are chosen from Year 2 annually.


Children enjoy packed lunches provided by their parents or carers.


Milk is free to all under 5’s in Surrey. Parents can order for older children if they wish.

Beyond Emberhurst

Our aim is to provide children with the opportunities to achieve their academic potential within an environment where they feel valued, fufilled confident and emotionally secure. This helps them to achieve further success as they move on to the challenges of their future schools at 7+.

Emberhurst has established relationships with our feeder schools. This valuable link enables us to ensure all puplis are well prepared for assessment and we take great pride in achieving many first choice offers.

Our curriculum is broad, relevant and appropriate and acknowledges the academic requirements of all the schools that our pupils will transfer to. We work closely with the parents to select the child’s future school.

Schools attended

The schools that our pupils move onto include:

  • Lady Eleanor Holles
  • Shrewsbury House Preparatory School
  • Danes Hill School
  • Newland House School
  • Rowan Preparatory School
  • Notre Dame Junior School
  • Feltonfleet Preparatory School
  • Parkside Preparatory School
  • Surbiton High Junior School
  • Denmead School
  • Claremont Fan Court School
  • Milbourne Lodge
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